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The Best Neurosurgeon. The Best ICU Team. The Best of Facilities. The Best of Care.
Because we believe that every patient deserves the Best.
​The Department of Neurosurgery at ARHI Hospital 11thMile Jorabat Guwahati, is headed by Dr Simranjeet Singh ( MBBS, MS, MCh Neurosurgery – AIIMS Delhi ), who along with his team members works round the clock to ensure the department functions as a centre of excellence for Neurosurgical Care.
​The Department offers compreshensive Brain, Spine and Peripheral Nerve disease care. There is a Neurosurgery Out Patient facility that functions every day, a      24 X 7 Neurosurgical Emegency Service, indoor facilities including a fully equipped Neurosurgical Operation Theatre, a Neurosurgery Intensive care Unit manned by a team of well trained and dedicated doctors and nurses.
​The Department of Neurological Surgery is devoted to the evaluation and treatment of both adult and pediatricneurosurgical problems, for elective Neurosurgical cases as well as Neuro Emergencies; with special emphasis is on the treatment and management of Neuro Trauma ( head injury, spine injury – CVJ/Cervical Spine / Dorsal Spine / Lumbar Spine/ Sacral Spine, peripheral nerve injuries ),  Neuro Oncology ( Brain Tumours, Spinal tumours, peripheral nerve tumours ), Neuro Vascular ( Stroke / CVA / Brain aneurysm / Brain AVM ), Pediatric Neurosurgery ( Pediatric Head Injury, Pediatric Spine Trauma, Congenital diseases like congenital Hydrocephalus, Pediatric Neuro Oncology – Pediatric Brain and Spine Tumours etc ) .
​The Department of Neurosurgery is backed by allied departments of Neurology, Neuro Intervention, Neuro Critical Care, and Neuro Rehabilitation. 
​The Department of Neurological Surgery also runs speciality OPD Clinics like Headache Clinic, Spine Clinic, Epilepsy Clinic and Pediatric Neurosurgery Clinic. 

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